Social Media – As Important as the Air We Breathe?

01 November 2017


Social media is important for every single business on planet earth because it is brand awareness. It’s not necessarily going to get you leads but it is important that you are in front of your dream prospects.


You need to get your name in front of your ideal client on a daily basis so that when they need or want your product or service the first person they think about is you. The more they see your name out there the more they will trust you as a company.


Depending on wether or not you’re a B2B company or B2C company there are different platforms that are best suited towards you as a company. If you are a B2B company Twitter and Linkedin are best if you are B2C Facebook and Twitter are best.


Facebook can also be used for B2B companies as well but it is less effective when it comes to advertising your business as people tend to use fFacebook for their personal lives and don’t usually want to be targeted when they’re at home about their job. You can, but I would concentrate on Linkedin for advertising.


You can use third party software to help in your posting such as Hootsuite and Buffer. These both help with scheduling posts for the future and that means you can set up 10, 20, 30 posts on one account for the entire week or month so that you aren’t manually doing it every time and in the long run it really does save time if you have more than one account. You can use it for all social media accounts such as Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin and twitter.


Facebook also has its own posting system which is better to use as sometimes when you upload things to buffer (in my experience) for facebook it can make the pictures look pixelated and crop the picture. This isn’t good as it will make your business look unprofessional. It is important that everything you put out on to social media looks professional and is your own individual brand.


Try and switch up the posts throughout the day and on each platform, make sure everything you put online would be interesting to your ideal client, they want tips, inspirational quotes, testimonials from your clients (if you have any), links to helpful websites or apps they may be interested in. You just basically need something that’s going to draw the reader in and keep coming back day in day out until one day they are finally ready for whatever it is you’re selling, because believe me you will stick out in their mind because they would have seen your company in their face subliminally every day.


Also social media isn’t necessarily a way to sell to people each day its just about your brand awareness. You can obviously do linkedin and facebook ads specifically for selling something but try and keep it light and interesting for the reader.