Mark Edwards

Mark Edwards
Global Chief Executive Officer

Early career

Originally trained as a professional photographer, Mark began his working career as an advertising photographer in central London. During that time he exhibited a portfolio of his work at "The Light Workshop" photographic gallery and won a number of photographic competitions including the "The International Salon of Photography". After a number of years working freelance for several well-known studios and magazines, Mark decided that photography would not be a life-long career path: However he has recently rekindled his interest in photography with the improvement in quality of digital photography.

Early sales experience

Mark gained his first exposure to sales training by joining W&T Avery (now GEC Avery). They were in the process of introducing their first range of electronic scales linked to cash till registers. Off to an unprecedented flying start, Mark became the first sales person at GEC Avery to beat their monthly sales target in his first month of employment, ultimately coming 7th in the country for sales, out of 150 sales people, after working only ten of the twelve months.

Business transfer industry

After a few years at Avery, Mark was offered the opportunity of working in the business transfer market. This proved to be a good career move as he was able to work alongside one of the UK's top transfer agents - John Oakes.

Early IT industry experience

With the start of the 80's UK recession, Mark's next move was to enter the thriving computer industry where he was involved in selling data-storage products - such as Exabyte tape drives and Quantum hard drives - throughout the UK. During this time, Mark introduced a sales incentive programme that was adopted in the UK, Canada and the US.

Entrepreneurial spirit

Since the mid 80's, Mark has started several businesses. One of which was based upon a flotation belt he created, called the "Aqua Runner Belt". This was later developed by Mark and his wife Isabel, into a fitness class and training school for fitness professionals. The belts and classes were sold throughout Australia, Argentina, France, USA, Germany, South Africa and Brazil and were used to help athletes and people recovering from injury, by allowing them to exercise, suspended in deep water (Aqua-runner belt & Flotation Aerobics). Top athletes used Mark's design of flotation belt in order to maintain fitness whilst recovering from injury: these included Liverpool football club, Glasgow Rangers and a number of Olympic athletes. In 1998 Mark was also responsible for the forming of Acumen, a document management file management company that bridged the gap between the paper document management world and electronic documents using RFID's - tiny electronic transmitters that held information regarding location and content.

ECM experience

Since the early 1990's Mark has specialised in the Document Management sector. After being head-hunted by David Shieldhouse, he became the UK General Manager for DSA; a German document software vendor management and scanning company, operating across Europe. As well as managing the UK operation, Mark was also part of their pan-European management team, working alongside colleagues from France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Spain, Poland and Greece. It was during this time that Mark was involved in raising investment for several established and start-up eDM companies. He was also instrumental in the MBO of DSA to form the Pan European company, Novadys.

Now CEO of Boss Equity

In April 1999 Mark and David Shieldhouse created the original business plan for a new type of specialist service provider for senior executive business leaders. Mark has been involved personally with over 90 acquisitions and has wide ranging knowledge, contacts and experience within this sector. In addition, for the past 4 years, he has been refining Boss Equity' Equity Value Accelerator (EVATM) service, which assists organisations grow the equity in their business in readiness for exit at the best price. The EVATM will be launched in October 2016.

Personal - Interests & Hobbies

Mark is an avid keep-fit enthusiast, working out daily at his local weights and boxing gym. He has been writing a book on the subject of health and fitness titled “Best-U-Can-B; Body Transformation” for years that he says "may be finished one day". He has studied with The Coaching Academy as an executive coach which is very useful in his current role as CEO of Boss Equity and for the M&A assignments that he is involved in. Mark is also a qualified football coach.

Mark is a multi-award winning photographer in his spare time and in May 2013 became an Associate of The Royal Photographic Society. He is currently working on a portfolio of 20 images to take his Fellowship with the RPS. A selection of some of Mark’s images can be found at flickr . Most of the images used on this website and used in Boss Equity marketing were taken by Mark. He enjoys all types of digital photography, from gritty reportage, covering some sensitive issues, to creative fantasy images, using photographic composite techniques.